Reception recognizes top graduate scholars

York recognized about 450 master’s and doctoral students for garnering some of the top graduate scholarships in the country and recognized the scholarship donors, at a Scholars Award Reception on Nov. 7.

Each student is a recipient of a major external scholarship worth an average of $20,000 from a variety of public funding agencies.

Right: Top graduate scholarship recipients mingle with faculty and donors at a reception at the Underground

“Graduate students aren’t just students,” said Sheila Embleton, York vice-president academic and co-host of the event held at the Underground Restaurant. “They are researchers themselves. They are the future leaders, future innovators, future professors. That’s why scholarships and awards are so important to all of us.”

Scholarship donors were also recognized at the reception. Ron Pearlman, dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and co-host of the event, said donations made to Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) & Ontario Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology (OGSST) are tripled thanks to matching grants from the province. “This turns a $5,000 donation into $15,000 in scholarships for our students,” he said.

While the reception was held to honour York recipients of major graduate scholarships, more than 800 of York’s master’s and doctoral students benefit from external scholarships from national research funding agencies. These awards are in addition to the support York provides through graduate, teaching and research assistantships, and entrance scholarships.

For more information on graduate scholarships and funding, visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies Web site.