York students win Millennium Excellence Scholarships

At a ceremony on Nov. 21 at York University, the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation recognized 96 York students who had received Millennium Excellence Scholarships in 2006.

The scholarships, worth $4,000-$10,000 each, recognize exceptional academic achievement and contributions to society of entering and second-year students. Since the foundation was created by the federal government in 2000, it has presented Millennium Excellence Scholarships totalling $8 million to York students.

 Above: Eight of the 96 York students who won Millennium Excellence Scholarships

Many students came were accompanied by family and friends, and some of their professors also attended the ceremony.

Norman Riddell, executive director and chief executive officer of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation, and Robert Tiffin, York vice-president students, praised the award recipients for leadership, good citizenship, innovation and academic success.

Since 2000, the foundation has also distributed Millennium Bursaries, totalling about $20 million, to nearly 8,000 York students. The bursaries are awarded based on students’ academic merit and financial need. Over the past six years, York students have been proud recipients of over $25 million in various awards from the foundation.

For more about the foundation scholarships and a list of scholarship winners, see the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation Web site.