Thirty students win social science awards

The Division of Social Science presented 23 awards to 30 students for community leadership and outstanding academic achievement at its annual awards presentation Oct. 19. The ceremony and reception that followed took place in the division’s lounge, which was packed with students, friends and families, and faculty and staff members.

Right: Adjunct Prof. Carl Baar presents Rebecca Proctor with the Ellen Baar Award. She also won the Law and Society Prize

This year’s ceremony featured more awards than ever to recognize student accomplishment. Marilyn Lambert-Drache, associate dean in the Faculty of Arts, congratulated the winners for their high level of academic achievement and for their community service and excellence in leadership.

Event host Darryl Reed, Chair of the Division of Social Science, emphasized the division’s interdisciplinary nature and ability to cut across traditional academic boundaries.

Right: Prof. Kevin Dowler presents Michelle Dudzik with the Penny Joliffe Award

Faculty members presented the following awards and congratulated their winners:

  • Ellen Baar Award – Rebecca Proctor
  • Otto Freidman Award – Christina Honvari
  • Reva Orlicky Award – Leslie Kazimierczak
  • Stevenson Scholarship in African Studies – Eitan Laufer Gordon Lowther Award – Davica Ramdass
  • Lillian Lerman Book Prize – Tracy Lustina
  • Penny Joliffe Award – Michelle Dudzik
  • Esisi Dafiewhare Annual Scholarship – Asheda Dwyer

Right: Prof. Megan Davies, far right, presents Kristine Tomcheski with the Health & Society Prize

  • Latin American & Caribbean Studies Honours – Edward Minnis
  • International Development Studies Honours Award – Samina Ullah
  • Business & Society Honours Award – Inbal Marcovitch, Iman Masud, Yousef Salama Criminology Honours Award – Hamza Dawood
  • Jane Banfield Book Award – Rosemary Consetino, Mariana Zhabrokritsky
  • Neil Reimer Award – Christine De Luca
  • Marion Miller Awards (4th Year) – Alison Gault
  • Frances Frisken Prize – Roxanne Musterer
  • Social and Political Thought Scholarship – Wella Bai, Abtin Aminzadeh Dezfuli
  • Law & Society Prize – Rebecca Proctor
  • Labour Studies Student Achievement Award – Jennifer Simon
  • Marion Miller Award (3rd Year) – Jean-Paul Davidson
  • SOSC 3700 Prize – Mary Prokova
  • Health & Society Prize – Kristine Tomcheski
  • Health & Society Founders Book Prize – George Axiotis, Valerie Outmezguine, Julian Berki, Holly Snider


Left: Prof. Richard Wellen (right), with, from left, Inbal Marcovitch, Iman Masud and Yousef Salama, winners of the Business &  Society Honours Award




 This story was submitted to YFile by Marlin Gold, events and promotions coordinator, Faculty of Arts.