Women’s studies instructor launches new book

Sumach Press is launching Trans/forming Feminisms: Transfeminist Voices Speak Out, a book by York researcher Krista Scott-Dixon, tomorrow at the 519 Church Street Community Centre.

As editor, Scott-Dixon, who teaches in York’s School of Women’s Studies, has collected 21 essays that explore trans and feminist ideas and issues in this new anthology. The essays reflect the academic, personal and political perspectives of contributors from Canada, the US and Europe. The contributors include Bobby Noble, Barbara Findlay, Miqqi Alicia/Michael Gilbert, Kyle Scanlon, Talia Bettcher, Joshua Goldberg and Caroline White. They’ve written about individual experiences and representation; the production and reproduction of diverse identities and how these identities can work collectively; the notion of “safe spaces” and “women-only spaces” in the contexts of the Kimberly Nixon case and the entrance policies of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival; strategies to deal with sexual assault and anti-transphobia violence; and policy initiatives that ensure safety within shelters.

Trans/forming Feminisms is a collection for progressive academics, students and readers as well as social activists interested in tackling these compelling and challenging issues.

Scott-Dixon has a PhD in women’s studies and currently teaches and does research at York. Along with trans and feminist issues, her research interests include gender, work and technology. She is one of the editors of Trans-Health.com, an online health and fitness zine for trans people, and the author of Doing IT: Women Working in Information Technology (Sumach Press, 2004).

                                   Right: Krista Scott-Dixon

The book launch features a panel discussion and Q&A with Scott-Dixon and contributors. It takes place Oct. 18 on the third floor of the new wing of the 519 Church Street Community Centre from 7 to 9pm.