Doors open in Arts

Founders Assembly Hall was bustling with over 500 students who attended the inaugural Faculty of Arts Open House held Wednesday, Sept. 20. The event introduced students to departments, clubs, faculty, services and information resources available in York’s Faculty of Arts.

“The Open House was a wonderful event and should be done every year,” said Mauro Buccheri, master of Founders College. Buccheri spent the afternoon chatting with students and club members in Founders Assembly Hall.

Right: The open house offered students a chance to get better acquainted with departments and clubs in York’s Faculty of Arts

Although the Faculty of Arts Open House welcomed all students, it was a must for new Arts students. “This event was organized to give students, and especially incoming students, an opportunity to get an understanding of the value of a Faculty of Arts education from York and to learn about the student clubs in the Faculty of Arts and the many ways for students to get involved,” explained Marilyn Lambert-Drache, associate dean. “With this new initiative the Faculty wanted to support the departments and student clubs in their efforts to foster a sense of community in the Faculty of Arts and to enrich the experience of all Arts students.”

Left: Karin Micheelsen, manager, communications, public relations & recruitment, hands out passports to students

The event included a scavenger hunt which encouraged students to get acquainted with offices and services on campus affiliated with the Faculty of Arts. Students were provided with an exclusive passport which they had to fill in with information from four Arts-related organizations. More specifically, students collected value statements prepared by each organization that reflected their unique strengths and significance. First-year law & society and communications studies student Jill Lumsden said she truly enjoyed the event. “I loved the scavenger hunt and made a new friend.”

After completing the passport, students returned to Founders Assembly Hall to claim their free T-shirt. A completed passport gave each student an opportunity to win a draw for an iPod. First-year Faculty of Arts student Alice Melcov (left) won the draw. “The Faculty of Arts Open House was a fun event for first-year students,” said Melcove. “It was great that the departments opened their doors.”

The open house provided 20 student-run clubs with an opportunity to gain valuable exposure and attract new members. “Thanks to the Open House, the Communication Studies Student Association (CSSA) now has 50 new members,” said Farah Kurji, co-president of CSSA.

“This event is priceless for student clubs that can struggle to find effective methods for recruitment. First-year students also benefited by being exposed to so many opportunities to get involved and adjust to student life at York,” said Kurji.

An integral component of the event included the departmental open houses. Students scouted out their respective departments with the aid of maps. Each department fielded their questions, gave tours of the department, provided students with information resources and advice, and many even dished out snacks.

“I’m really grateful for all the effort people put in to make this event happen. It provided a great opportunity for students to learn more about the variety of programs available in the Faculty of Arts and it also helped reinforce the value of the BA and Honours BA degrees,” said Robert Drummond, dean of the Faculty of Arts.

For more information visit the Faculty of Arts Web site.