York Boulevard construction a bump in the road for commuters

There is good news for those caught in traffic delays on the east side of the Keele campus in recent weeks. Construction work to redesign and rebuild the York Boulevard-Keele Street intersection that leads into the Keele campus should wrap up this week, on schedule.

“The construction started on Aug. 14 and Facilities Services anticipated that it would last six to seven weeks. The project will be completed this week, even with weather challenges,” said Kimberley Glaze, manager of employee development & communications, Facilities Services.

The past few weeks have been painful for anyone attempting to navigate Keele Street. However, the construction was required to meet City of Toronto standards and to improve traffic flow through the busy intersection, said Glaze.

“The revamped intersection now includes a dedicated left-hand turning lane onto Keele Street from York Boulevard and a straight-through lane to Canarctic Drive. The modifications are necessary and long overdue. This will significantly improve traffic flow in and out of campus and for those exiting northbound onto Keele Street. In addition, the entire length of York Boulevard will receive a fresh topcoat of asphalt,” said Glaze.

Updates will be published in YFile and are available on the Facilities Services Web site.