Faculty of Arts holds open house for new students

The Faculty of Arts is enhancing the new-student experience with its first annual Faculty of Arts Open House to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 20, from 10am to 3pm. The event will give students the opportunity to meet the professors and staff in all the departments and build awareness for the academic affiliated clubs and associations available to them.

Students will start their day in the Founders Assembly Hall where all of the 23 Council of Arts Students’ Association (CASA) clubs will be in attendance. CASA encompasses all the academic associations affiliated with the Faculty of Arts. This initiative provides a forum for the clubs in CASA to cross-promote their events and resources.

The event will be held throughout the Keele campus as all 14 Faculty of Arts departments and divisions, as well as various service-oriented departments, will be participating. Each department, service and club will post a unique statement highlighting the value and benefits that they offer students. By exploring these areas and reading these statements, students will not only learn where they are located but also how each area contributes to the overall value of their arts degree and university experience.

An open house passport will be provided to each student in the Founders Assembly Hall. Each department, service and club associated with the Faculty of Arts will have a value statement posted in their location on campus. First-year students in the Faculty of Arts will collect five statements to copy into their passports to receive an instant prize and to be entered to win the grand prize, an iPod.

“New students will be introduced to our associations and the many opportunities offered to them to get involved,” says Faculty of Arts associate dean Marilyn Lambert-Drache. “With this initiative the Faculty of Arts shows its commitment to working closely with Arts faculty, staff and student groups to enrich the educational experience of all arts students.”

“As orientation week is often overwhelming and cumbersome, we want to provide a method where Arts students can realize the vast opportunities to get involved and to make the most of their arts degree,” says Marlin Gold, Faculty of Arts events and promotions coordinator. “By having students visit various departments, services and clubs, students will not only be able to become familiar with staff and resources but also learn the value of their degree.”

Visit the Faculty of Arts Web site for more information on the Faculty of Arts Open House.