Map librarian wins honours

The Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) recently honoured York map librarian Trudy Bodak with the 2006 Honours Award for her contribution to the association and its commitment to bibliographic standards.

                                 Right: Trudy Bodak

“Trudy has always been an excellent spokesperson for ACMLA members,” said Cheryl Woods, University of Western Ontario map library curator, in presenting the award at the association’s annual general meeting in Ottawa in June. “She has brought enthusiasm, commitment and organizational skills to help our members and communities understand the importance of cataloguing, and sharing of collective knowledge and collections.”

The association is a professional group for Canadian map librarians, cartographic archivists and others interested in geographic information in all formats. It is involved in establishing a uniform code and descriptive standards for cataloguing maps. “Trudy Bodak has put her mark on the continued excellence of the contribution of the association to bibliographic standards,” said Woods.

Bodak earned a BA in geography from Queen’s University in 1967 and completed a library science degree at the University of Toronto in 1968. She was hired as a cataloguer at York in 1971 and rose to head of cataloguing in 1980. Ten years later, she became acting head then head of the Map Library “and threw herself enthusiastically into the world of maps, GIS and all the disciplines that come with this world,” said Woods in her citation.

“Trudy’s commitment to the association and her very capable chairmanship of the bibliographic control committee has been impressive,” said Woods. “As a Chair she has been a strong leader, bringing to fruition a number of significant achievements.”