Researchers at York receive $3 million from SSHRC

York University researchers have been awarded almost $3 million in funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

Thirty-four projects at York received funding in the latest round of SSHRC’s Standard Research Grants program, announced June 15 at McGill University. In all, 969 projects will be funded at 92 institutions across Canada, with a total value of $81.3 million.

Through these grants, researchers at York will be tackling a wide range of issues important to Canadians such as the development of reputation within small companies, the experiences of second generation immigrants, mental attention in children, raising the age of retirement, and an examination of Canadian cities.

“SSHRC’s investment in humanities and social sciences research allows our scholars to contribute substantially to Canada’s knowledge base, to our culture and to our quality of life,” said David Dewitt, York’s assistant vice-president research, social sciences & humanities. “This research helps us to better understand the world around us and the most pressing economic, political and social issues of our time.”

SSHRC is an independent federal government agency that funds leading-edge university-based research across Canada. To ensure only the best projects receive funding, each application is evaluated by a team of independent experts for academic excellence and importance.

York University – SSHRC 2006 Standard Research Grants Program

Melanie Cao, professor, Schulich School of Business – Search for the optimal executive compensation contract: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations, $43,414.

Peter Cole, professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies – Stories of the land: Regenerating Lower Stl’atl’imx knowings and practices, $101,533.

Raju Das, professor, Dept. of Geography, Faculty of Arts – Space of Neoliberalism: New Agriculture, Labor and the Environment, $62,729.

Susan Ehrlich, professor, Dept. of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics, Faculty of Arts – Courtroom Language and Critical Discourse Analysis, $53,392.

Eileen Fischer, professor, Schulich School of Business – The development of reputation in young firms, $168,173.

Yves Frenette, professor, Dept. of History, Glendon College – La lettre dans la diaspora canadienne-francaise, 1840–1970, $90,019.

Judy Fudge, professor, Osgoode Hall Law School – Governing the employment relationship in the new economy: law, regulation, and labour market institutions, $63,304.

Jen Gilbert, professor, Faculty of Education – From curiosity to human rights: psychoanalytic investigations of sexuality in early childhood and teacher education, $66,217.

Bob Hanke, course director, Dept. of Sociology, Faculty of Arts – Timescapes of Media Culture, $70,430.

Lesley Higgins, professor, Dept. of English, Faculty of Arts –  Gerard Manley Hopkinsa: Confessing the Flesh, $73,896.

Engin Isin, Canada Research Chair in Citizenship Studies & professor, Division of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts – Citizenship and Ottoman Awqaf, $83,150.

William Jenkins, professor, Dept. of Geography, Faculty of Arts –  Placing Ireland: Mapping the diasporic imaginations of Irish, $40,146.

Kerry Kawakami, professor, Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Arts – On Becoming Us: The Impact of Approach Orientation on self and target group identity, $102,101.

Thomas Keil, professor, Schulich School of Business –  Exploration and exploitation through corporate venturing, $72,730.

Ruth King, professor, Dept. of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics, Faculty of Arts  –  A comparative sociolinguistic study of Acadian French, $93,475.

Thomas Klassen, professor, Dept. of Political Science, Faculty of Arts – Raising the age of retirement: The politics of reforming public and private pensions in Canada, Germany and South Korea, 1995-2005, $74,715.

Richard Lalonde, professor, Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Arts –  Negotiating cultural identities: The experiences of second generation immigrants, $90,281.

Bernard Lebrun, professor, Dept. of Economics, Faculty of Arts – Auctions with resale, $41,650.

Bernard Lightman, professor, Division of Humanities, Faculty of Arts – John Tyndall: The Man of Science in Context, $92,516.

Varpu Lindstrom, professor, School of Women’s Studies, Faculty of Arts & Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies – Missing in Karelia: Canadian Victims of Stalin’s Purges, $154,028.

Jaime Llambias-Wolff, professor, Division of Social Studies, Faculty of Arts – The political economy of the transition between public and private health care in Chile from 1950 to year 2000, $55,956.

Paul Lovejoy, professor, Dept. of History, Faculty of Arts – Equiano and the abolition of the slave trade, $124,025.

Gail Mitchell, professor, School of Nursing, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies – Knowledge translation through research-based drama on dementia: Evaluating change in understanding, imaging and action, $155,301.

Myriam Mongrain, professor, Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Arts – A diathesis-stress model predicting first onsets and recurrences of major depression, and a preliminary test of resilience interventions, $126,670.

Ananya Mukherjee-Reed, professor, Dept. of Political Studies, Faculty of Arts – Grassroots networks and women’s struggle against poverty: A study of the women’s development network in Costa Rica, $90,801.

Andrea O’Reilly, professor, School of Women’s Studies, Faculty of Arts – Mothers in the academe, $67,811.

Juan Pascual-Leone, professor emeritus, Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Arts – Executive processes and mental attention in cognitively gifted and mainstream children, $94,649.

Alice Pitt, associate dean & professor, Faculty of Education – Paradoxes of autonomy in professional life, $104,693.

Barbara Rahder, graduate program director & professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies – Social sustainability, diversity, and public space in three Canadian cities, $103,861.

Gordon Roberts, professor, Schulich School of Business – Corporate Loan Pricing, $66,591.

Maggie Toplak, professor, Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Arts – Domain generality in critical thinking: Does reasoning performance map onto real world consequences?, $115,648.

Leah Vosko, Canada Research Chair in Feminist Political Economy, School of Social Sciences, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies – Precarious employment and transnational labour regulation: gender, nationality and labour market insecurity, $92,325.

Mary Jane Warner, professor, Dept. of Dance, Faculty of Fine Arts – Canadian Modern Dance Choreographers: Documentation and Analysis, $75,451.

Agnès Whitfield, professor, School of Translation, Glendon College – Hannah Josephson: Translating Gabrielle Roy’s Bonheur d’occasion, $38,676.