International students fete journalist

Lunching with Michele Landsberg (right) will be a highlight for 27 students from Mexico, the United States and across Canada attending a three-week summer institute at York.

Before the Canadian journalist receives an honorary degree from York on June 13, she has been invited to dine with international students here for a course on Women’s Human Rights, Citizenships and Identities.

The annual institute hosted by York’s Graduate Program in Women’s Studies is part of a larger Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) project for North American mobility in higher education. Women’s studies Prof. Patricia McDermott has coordinated this year’s institute.

Every morning from June 5 to June 23, participants attend lectures and see films on a range of topics including an introduction to the United Nations, women’s rights and international law, women’s work and labour law, feminist politics and citizenship, women’s movements and reproductive rights. The institute also includes several breakfast talks.

Participating are six mostly graduate students from York and 19 from York consortium partners: 12 from two Mexican universities; five from two American universities; and two from project partner Mount Saint Vincent in Halifax. Teaching them are faculty members from each of the six participating universities.