Political scientists launch new books tomorrow

Three books by York scholars will be launched tomorrow, June 2, at morning and afternoon receptions at the York University Bookstore in York Lanes.

The morning celebration belongs to York political science Professors Leo Panitch, for the launch of Telling the Truth: Socialist Register 2006, and John Saul, for Development After Globalization: Theory and Practice for the Embattled South in a New Imperial Age. Meet the authors and hear about their books at a reception from 11:30am to 1pm.

About Telling the Truth

Since 1964, the Socialist Register has brought together leading writers on the left to investigate aspects of a common theme. Published by Fernwood Publishing, Telling the Truth: Socialist Register 2006, edited by Panitch and Colin Leys, examines how contemporary social and political debate is structured, how ideas and ideologies come to inform policy making, research, education, and our conceptions of truth more generally. It also discusses the role of the state in intellectual life and the media, and the role of think-tanks, foundations, political parties and global institutions such as the World Bank in the dissemination of knowledge and ideas. Such discussions are not always at the centre of public debate, but are essential to establishing freedom for critical thought and reflection, and for the formation of a new generation of intellectuals.

About Leo Panitch

Leo Panitch (right) is a distinguished research professor in political science at York. As Canada Research Chair, he is leading a project on finance, production and empire. He is co-editor of the annual Socialist Register and has written several books, including Global Capitalism and American Empire; Renewing Socialism: Democracy, Strategy and Imagination; Working Class Politics in Crisis; From Consent to Coercion: The Assault on Trade Union Freedoms; The Canadian State: Political Economy and Political Power; and Social Democracy and Industrial Militancy. His articles have appeared in such journals as Studies in Political Economy, Labour/Le Travail, and New Left Review.

About Development After Globalization

Published by Blackwell, Development After Globalization: Theory and Practice for the Embattled South in a New Imperial Age examines the experiences of poverty and exclusion in the world of capitalist globalization of countries of the global South. It probes the reality of underdevelopment in an unequal world driven by western power and capitalist profit-seeking, and supported by inequalities within the countries themselves. Saul seeks to rethink the links between class-based struggle and progressive demands of gender-equality and identity politics. He looks towards a synthesis of democratic, socialist and anti-imperialist sensibilities and invites scholars and activists to involve themselves in the kind of intellectual activism that can underpin local, national, regional and global struggles.

About John Saul

A retired York political science professor, John Saul (right) has written and edited 10 books on African political developments, including Essays on the Political Economy of Africa with Giovanni Arrighi, The Crisis in South Africa with Stephen Gelb, Socialist Ideology and the Struggle for Southern Africa, Recolonization and Resistance: Southern Africa in the 1990s and Namibia’s Liberation Struggle: The Two-Edged Sword with Colin Leys. Saul is also founding member of the Toronto Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa and is on the editorial working group of Southern Africa Report magazine. When he retired two years ago, colleagues organized a conference dedicated to central issues of Saul’s work — the pursuit of socialism, democracy and scholar-activism in Africa.

* * *

In the afternoon, Michael Dartnell, a visiting professor in the Department of Political Science, presents his new book, Insurgency Online: Web Activism and Global Conflict, at a reception from 1:30 to 3:30pm.

About Insurgency Online

Insurgency Online is about how conflict has been transformed by the global communications revolution. The Internet has led to far-reaching changes in the way that international and national politics are carried out, especially by placing a range of non-state actors before a global public. The 240-page book examines non-state activists, such as Afghan feminists, Peruvian Tupac Amaru and extremist Irish republicans, who use the Web to battle governments. It is published by University of Toronto Press.

About Michael Dartnell

Michael Dartnell (right) is a specialist on terrorism and new forms of conflict. He is the author of a book, Action directe: Ultra-left terrorism in France, 1979-1987 and articles on Web activism in Peru, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan, political violence in France and Northern Ireland, international law and terrorism, and terrorism and globalization. He is a political science professor on leave from the University of New Brunswick, where he teaches information and communication studies. Dartnell earned an MA (1981) and PhD (1993) in political science from York.

Special Congress Discounts

For the duration of Congress, the York University Bookstore in York Lanes is offering a special discount of 20 per cent off all books. The discount does not apply to textbooks or course packs.

The Congress Book Fair located in York Lanes and the York University Bookstore is a bibliophile’s dream. Eighteen publishers’ retail booths located in York Lanes and the York University Bookstore offer the latest trade books and textbooks. The 20 per cent discount has also been adopted by the majority of the publishers exhibiting in York Lanes.

“There are 18 booths overall and six of them are located in the York University Bookstore,” said Michael Legris, marketing and special events coordinator, York University Bookstore. “More cashiers and the bookstore’s veteran staff are in place to offer service to Congress delegates and our information desk will be fully staffed for the duration of Congress to facilitate any special requests for books.

“At previous Congress events, the Congress Book Fair has been located in a gymnasium or an academic hall. I think this is the first time the Congress Book Fair has been positioned within a retail mall. There are many advantages for publishers because they can refer special requests to the York University Bookstore’s information desk and this eliminates difficulties in sourcing special books.”

The York University Bookstore, said Legris, has also provided a special reception space for publishers and authors to hold book launch events.