Majed El Shafie speaks at York on religious persecution

In many parts of the world, religious persecution is taking place. In Egypt, Coptic Christians have been reported raped, abused, tortured and even imprisoned because of their religion. Rev. Majed El Shafie (left), a former prisoner in Egypt and founder of One Free World International, has been invited to York University tomorrow by Osgoode Christian Legal Fellowship to share his story of escape, asylum and fight for human rights.

Born in Egypt, El Shafie was raised as a Muslim. Later in life, he converted to Christianity and started an underground Christian movement, advocating for the equality of Coptic Christians. The movement eventually gained the support of 24,000 members but after being discovered, El Shafie was arrested by Egyptian officials. He spent over a year in prison and was tortured before escaping to Israel, where the UN High Commission on Refugees declared him a refugee. He then immigrated to Canada and started One Free World International in order to help other persecuted Christians around the world.

One Free World International is a human-rights organization dedicated to defending persecuted Christians worldwide. The organization currently has three established branches in Toronto, Washington, DC and Florida. El Shafie also has a Christian Arabic radio program called “River of Love” that is broadcast in the Middle East and North Africa . 

El Shafie’s presentation will take place April 12, in Room 204 in Osgoode Hall Law School, 12:30pm. No pre-registration is required and all are welcome to attend.