Grade 4 and 5 kids spend a day at York

About 50 Grade 4 and 5 students from Shoreham Public School spent a day at York singing, dancing and painting with as many University student volunteers at McLaughlin College’s annual Kids Day March 18.

Right: About 100 students and leaders enjoyed Kids Day 2006

The children from the Jane-Finch-area elementary school sang songs, painted a mural, participated in relay races, scavenger hunts and camp games, went to the gym and had pizza lunch with their hosts, York education students. Each child went home at the end of the day with a T-shirt and loot bag – and memories of York.

“Everyone had a fantastic time,” said York education student Mandy Bond. She organized this year’s activities, designed to encourage teamwork and respectful interaction, introduce positive role models and suggest university as a future prospect.

Kids Day is an annual community-building partnership between McLaughlin College and the Toronto District School Board.