Two Chiapas women talk at Colloquium on Global South

Two members of a women’s weaving cooperative from Chiapas, Mexico, talk about their struggle for dignity, autonomy and survival, at a Colloquium on the Global South Wednesday from 2:30 to 4:30pm at 305 York Lanes.

Pascuala Patishtan and Yolanda Castro will talk about how indigenous women in Chiapas educate and empower themselves by participating in the cooperatives Jolom Mayaetik and K’inal Antzetik.

Right: Chiapas women weavers

These fair trade cooperatives raise political awareness and provided an alternative source of income and autonomy for communities whose livelihoods are threatened by macro-economic development plans (such as the Plan Puebla Panama), trade agreements (such as NAFTA) and persistent low-intensity warfare.

The Chiapas women’s visit is sponsored by the Colloquium on the Global South, the Centre for Feminist Research and the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Colloquium on the Global South aims to foster debate and critical inquiry among students, faculty members, non-governmental organizations, social activists and policy makers.