What would it mean to take human rights seriously?

British sociologist Anthony Woodiwiss will give a talk tomorrow (March 21) on taking human rights seriously.

Invited to speak by York’s School of Social Sciences, Woodiwiss, social sciences dean of City University, London, will speak at 6pm in Room 109 (Harry Crowe meeting room), Atkinson.

Author of The Visual in Social Theory and Making Human Rights Work Globally, the political sociologist has also published books on globalization, human rights, labour law and post-postmodern social theory. He has been a visiting professor in Japan, Hong Kong, the United States and Mexico. His books include Social Theory after Postmodernism; Postmodernity USA; Globalisation, Human Rights and Labour Law in Pacific Asia; and Law, Labour, and Society in Japan. He is also on the editorial boards of the journals Economy and Society and Citizenship Studies.

For further information, contact Jon Frauley at frauley@yorku.ca.