Celebrating top students at Glendon’s Honour Roll Awards Ceremony

Every year in the depth of winter, a ray of sunshine hits York’s Glendon campus when its top achievers of the previous academic year are recognized in Glendon fashion. Taking place in the beautifully renovated ballroom of Glendon Manor, this celebration is a warm and personal event, welcoming not only these distinguished students, but their immediate family members as well.

Right: Director of Student Programs Noël Chan (left) hands over the award to Amanda Jackman, a third-year history and education major

At this year’s celebration on Jan. 24, Principal Kenneth McRoberts’ welcome address emphasized the great value and enrichment of the university experience, and congratulated the students and their families, acknowledging the important contribution of the latter to the students’ success. Françoise Boudreau, associate principal (academic affairs and research), added her congratulations and said that the celebration marked the students’ accomplishments, dedication and commitment, as well as their personal satisfaction. Boudreau also praised the dedication of Glendon’s professors – many of whom were present to celebrate their students’ success – and commented that they profoundly valued the high quality of Glendon’s students. Boudreau ended her remarks with a Zen anecdote whose message was to study, but also “to observe the world around you and to find your place in it.”

Louise Lewin, associate principal (student affairs), handed out the award certificates, as the recipients came to the podium one by one. The formal part of the afternoon was followed by coffee and dessert and a chance to mingle.

Among these high achievers, Kate Lundy and her mother expressed their delight at being celebrated. A second-year history and French major, Kate was the recipient of the prestigious President’s Scholarship for the Highest Achieving Student Entering Glendon.

Amanda Jackman, a third-year history and education major, attended the event and was accompanied by her father. She said she loved the atmosphere, the small classes and Glendon’s professors. Translation student Gina Letourneau, a recipient of a previous scholarship for academic achievement, has been taking classes in the evening over several years and was not sure she would be able to come to the celebration. “But I am very glad that I did,” said Letourneau, “and had a chance to meet with the others being honoured.” Canadian and French Studies major Aaron Doupe is delighted to have “made the grade”, given that he is so involved in the non-academic life of the campus as well. He is a don, student ambassador, student security advisor, member of the theatre and the positive space committee – the list goes on. “I love Glendon,” says Doupe. “It will be hard to leave.”

Left: Gina Letourneau (right) with her husband

Glendon students must achieve a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 7.50 to be named to the Principal’s Honour Roll. The 2004-2005 list included 214 students out of a total of 2,149 enrolled, representing a full 10 per cent of the total student population of the campus, a level which has been maintained for the past three academic years.

“Achieving a cumulative GPA of 7.50 for 3 or 4 successive years is an impressive feat for any student,” commented Noël Chan, Glendon’s director of the Office of Student Programs, “and we are really proud to see so many Glendon students reach this outstanding academic achievement.”

The article was submitted to YFile by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny.