In the event of a strike at Seneca, business as usual at York

York University has issued the following statement on a possible strike at Ontario community colleges:

Currently, the College Compensation & Appointments Council for Ontario’s Community Colleges is in collective bargaining with OPSEU, the union which represents the majority of full-time faculty, all librarians and all counsellors at Ontario’s community colleges.  If there is no settlement today, it is possible that there may be a strike Tuesday morning.  Should this be the case, we have been informed that OPSEU Local 560 will hold an information picket in front of the Seneca@York facility (Stephen E. Quinlan Building), The Pond Road.

York staff and faculty will be expected to fulfill their contractual obligations in performing their normal duties. There will be no information picketing permitted on York University property, including entrances to York University buildings.  The TEL building is a York University facility and regularly scheduled classes by York University faculty will meet as usual. 

Faculty participating in joint university/community college programs should contact their program director/co-ordinator for information about the potential impact of the strike on these programs. 

It is hoped that through the collective bargaining process a settlement will be reached without a labour sanction.