Vanier College book sale returns

For Vanier College Master Carole Carpenter, running the college’s annual book sale is a labour of love. “It’s a way to help students and give a cherished book a new life in a student’s hands,” says Carpenter.

The highly popular annual sale makes a reappearance this year on March 7, 8 and 9. Now in its third year, the sale’s popularity is growing and the response has been overwhelming, says Carpenter. “It’s the kind of book sale that people who are interested in building a lifelong library attend. Many of my colleagues who are entering their final year of teaching donate wonderful books to the sale. Some are from their own personal libraries.

“It is impossible, I think, for book lovers to throw away a book,” chuckles Carpenter. “This sale gives books a new life and booklovers and bibliophiles just love it .”

The sale, which began as a way for Carpenter to raise funds to enhance student spaces in Vanier, has grown into a cult experience for book-lovers. This year, proceeds from the sale will go to refurbishing Vanier’s outdoor courtyard.

Members of the York community interested in donating books for the sale should know that Carpenter has organized a dedicated team of volunteers who will come and pick up any well-loved volumes. Each book is sorted and priced. The sale is set up in categories to allow for easier shopping. “Some special first edition books have a higher price but most books are priced no more than five dollars each,” she said.

“We have books on every subject, from a Chinese Library to cookbooks, crafts and quilting, pocketbooks, classics, first edition and rare volumes, it’s all here,” said Carpenter.

Any books that do not sell are carefully packed away and are returned to the sale the next year. “I had one student at last year’s sale with an armful of books. He was chewing his lip because he was worried about his spending,” laughed Carpenter. “When I told him the tally came to $24, he looked shocked and then asked me to hang on to the books so he could go back and add more to his collection.”

The sale takes place in the Founders Assembly Hall, room 152, Founders College, located on York’s Keele campus. Doors open at 9am in the morning and close at 8pm at night.

If you would like to donate books to the sale, Carpenter will take any well-loved and well-read volume. Contact the Office of the Master, Vanier College at ext. 55192, remember that Carpenter’s team of book lovers will happily come by and pick up your donation.