Did Horatio Nelson’s mistress influence Trafalgar?

McLaughlin College is presenting two more lunch talks by college fellows in February — one on Admiral Horatio Nelson’s mistress and the other on Crown corporations.

On Feb. 23, retired history Prof. Gerry Jordan gives a talk called My Dearest Emma, in which he discusses the role of Nelson’s mistress in the events surrounding his great victory at Trafalgar 200 years ago. Nelson’s victory changed the course of European history dramatically.

Left: Lady Emma Hamilton

On Feb. 27, Paul Cantor, Chair of the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, a Crown corporation, discusses Governance Challenges Faced by Crown Corporations as Public Policy Vehicles. Cantor, who is a member of York’s Board of Governors, has held the top positions at National Trust Company, Confederation Life Insurance and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s Investment Bank.