Improving accessibility for students

A student presents her teaching assistant with a request for accommodation because she is coping with a mobility, visual, auditory, psychiatric or learning disability. Do you know what to do next? As instructors, York’s teaching assistants are required to make academic accommodations and adaptations for students with disabilities. At this second annual symposium, teaching assistants will learn about some of the experiences that students and instructors have had in providing appropriate and effective academic accommodations. Those who attend will also:

  • learn about the legislation, policies and procedures related to accommodation;
  • hear about strategies and technologies for providing accommodation and for generally improving accessibility within courses;
  • meet key people involved in identifying and assisting in the provision of academic accommodations.

The 2006 Symposium on Improving Accessibility for Our Students: Strategies for Providing Accommodations includes stimulating plenary sessions, a choice of concurrent sessions, and opportunities for dialogue with instructors, staff and students. The symposium will take place Wednesday, Feb. 15, from, 9:30am-3:30pm in room 1014, TEL.

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