Ten original dance narratives premiere this week

Choreographers in York’s Graduate Program in Dance, working under the artistic direction of classmates Troy Emery Twigg and Andrea Roberts, will present an eclectic program of dance pieces on Feb. 2 and 3 titled, What about the Eucalyptus?

The artists will engage the audience through 10 original dance narratives, choreographed to a wide range of music, from classical to folk and beyond. Each choreographer has a distinctive style, offering viewers a diverse and unique dance experience.

Susan Cash’s new work, Fence, set to the inimitable Cole Porter tune, “Don’t Fence Me In”, explores the layers of meaning in the definition of boundary. It will be performed by the Dance Department’s spirited repertory company, the York Dance Ensemble, comprising Robyn Alfonso, Caitlin Brown, Jen Cole, Jennifer Ellis, Kim Floyd, Karrina Hooper, Celine Marks, Jamesy Patrick, Cara Spooner and Candice Spykers.

‘S Only Me, choreographed and performed by Viv Moore, is a solo piece danced with clogs to the rhythms of The Black Dyke Mills Band. Meaghan Giusti’s work, It’s Now or Never, danced by Karen Stern, takes the viewer down memory lane with music by Elvis Presley.

Another Flock, choreographed by Seika Boye and performed by Kim Floyd, Karrina Hooper, Jamesy Patrick and Candice Spykers, draws its inspiration from the tunes of British folk singer/songwriter and activist Peggy Seeger.

Catherine Carpenko’s Incubation Incarnation was co-created with dancers Jasmine Ellis, Savannah Hoag, Brodie Stevenson, Larissa Taurins, Kamen Wang and Niki Wozniak. In this reflective, organic piece, set to the haunting Annie Lennox song, “Why”, five performers dance in proximity, encircling the stage in a figure eight. This ensemble movement is juxtaposed to a soloist whose emotional journey finally links her with the group.

These and other works will be showcased at 7:30pm in Studio F, Room 244 in the Accolade East Building. Admission is $8. For more information, please call the Dance Department performance hotline at 416-650-8030.