NDP gains are important, says health policy expert

In response to a Toronto Star editorial that listed 10 reasons to cheer the results of the federal election, Dennis Raphael, a professor in Atkinson’s School of Health Policy & Management, wrote Jan. 26: “While you stated there was no particular order in your list, you placed NDP gains 10th or last. Considering that progressive change in Canada and elsewhere is much more likely when social democratic parties have more influence, I would have put it first.”

Two teens charged after crash kills cabbie

Alexandr Ryazanov, a York University student, has been charged with criminal negligence causing death, following a street race along Mount Pleasant Road Tuesday night that led to a fatal collision and the death of an immigrant taxi driver, reported Toronto newspapers, radio and television stations Jan. 26. Wang-Piao Dumani Ross, a Ryerson University student, has also been charged with criminal negligence causing death and failing to stop after the accident.

On air

  • Patrick Monahan, dean of York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, thinks the federal government has to deliver a message saying that Quebec can fulfill its aspirations inside Canada, reported “Montreal Today” Jan. 25. He was responding to the question, Has sovereignty taken a hit with the election of the Conservatives? posed on the CINW (Montreal) call-in show.
  • Saeed Rahnema, a political science professor in York’s Faculty of Arts, discussed the Palestine parliamentary election on “OMNI News: South Asian Edition” on OMNI.2 in Toronto Jan. 25. He was also interviewed for a related story on CTV Newsnet.