York’s Career Centre launches its Summer Job Blitz

It happens every year around this time. You may have already started hearing the buzz from students who are wondering (and possibly worrying) out loud asking, “What am I going to do this summer?” To help students answer this question, the Career Centre has launched its annual Summer Job Blitz.

Right: Students flocked to the 2005 Summer  Employment Fair held in York Lanes

The good news is that there are lots of opportunities for students wondering what to do in the summer months.  “There are government programs, and support for starting a summer business, and lots of employers looking for students – the trick is helping students to tap into this network of resources,” said Jenny Peach, job search programs coordinator at York’s Career Centre. 

Also, many students don’t want to get just any job; rather, they want to make sure that their summer experience is a building block in their career path. “Being strategic about choosing a summer opportunity, and then focusing on skills development while there, can really make a difference,” explained Peach.

The Summer Job Blitz  is a unique program for York students that combines an information-rich Web resource with a schedule of programming that focuses on getting summer jobs. It includes the 2006 Summer Employment Fair, “How to Find a Summer Job” workshops, and a series of online chats.

The Web resource, which received over 40,000 hits last year, has information for students about where to find a summer job, how to make a positive impression with employers and tips on getting the most out of a summer work experience. 

The annual Summer Employment Fair, which will be held in York Lanes on Tuesday, Feb. 7, will feature employers offering a range of opportunities, including work in summer camps, retail, tourism and more. 

The “How to Find a Summer Job” workshops will provide students with additional resources for finding a summer job that’s right for them. Piloted last year and very popular with students, online chats will be offered again this year during the Summer Job Blitz and will give students the opportunity to chat with summer employers, career advisers and experienced students about their summer job search.

Students looking for support in finding a great summer experience can check out the Summer Job Blitz Web site.