York professor to moderate Vancouver election debate

Trina McQueen (right), visiting CTV Chair in Broadcast Management in the Schulich School of Business and the Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture at York University, has been selected to moderate the first English-language election debate in Vancouver tonight.

The format for the 2005 electoral debates will be more orderly than in previous years. The leaders will not be allowed to interrupt while the other is responding. Candidates will be given the opportunity to respond, one at a time, to each question. As one leader is speaking, the microphones for the other three will be turned off.

In another novel twist, the questions will no longer be posed by a panel of journalists but instead be provided as videotaped questions from ordinary Canadians, with the moderator authorized to ask follow-up questions if necessary.

The debate will be broadcast on five major networks, CBC, CTV, Global, Radio-Canada and TVA at 8pm.