Division of Social Science honours top undergrads

York’s Division of Social Science, Faculty of Arts, recently hosted its second annual awards ceremony honouring the outstanding achievement of its undergraduate students. The event was sponsored by Darryl Reed, Chair of the Division of Social Science, the Faculty of Arts and the Teaching and Development Committee. Associate Dean Gabriella Colussi Arthur attended on behalf of the Faculty of Arts.

Right: Darryl Reed, Chair of the Division of Social Science (at podium), addresses students, faculty and staff during the awards ceremony

A variety of senior and retired faculty members were present to address the assembled students, staff, faculty and guests in order to help recall the faculty for whom many of the awards were named. For a complete description of each of the awards and the colleagues honoured, click here. The event, which took place Oct. 25, honoured a wide array of students and reflected the interdisciplinary nature of the division.

Karl Baar was present to confer the Ellen Baar Award on fourth-year students Paul Bender and Jillian Ollivierre. This annual award of approximately $1,250 honours the memory of Professor Ellen Baar, a member of the Division of Social Science from 1971 until her death in 1998, who was strongly committed to the division’s interdisciplinary teaching. It is given to the student entering his or her final year who received the highest GPA.

The Otto Friedman Award was given to fourth-year students Ashlee Cooper, Nicholas Freedman and Adam Gassner. Professor Arthur Siegel reminded those assembled of Otto Friedman’s contributions to the academic world. Friedman was a renowned scholar and an esteemed diplomat. He came to York University late in his teaching career and found a home in the Division of Social Science. He was an intellectual star whose books and articles continue to be part of the great debate on the break-up of Czech democracy.

The Lillian Lerman Book Prize for best first-year essay went to Faria Kamal. Lerman played a major role in the shaping and development of the Division of Social Science. She was both and academic and administrator.

Left: Nicholas Freedman (right) receives the Otto Friedman Award from Prof. Chris Roberts

The Gordon Lowther Award was presented to Andrea Stefan. Lowther was one of the early members of the Division of Social Science. He was an anthropologist and taught at University College in Nairobi before coming to York in 1970.

Many of the awards were program specific, often named in honour of former York colleagues. In Urban Studies, the Marion Miller Third Year Award was earned by Ashlee Cooper and the Marion Miller Fourth Year Award was presented to Antonietta Minichillo. The Frances Frisken Prize was awarded to Jean-Paul Davidson, while Jacob Mitchell picked up the SOSC 3700 Prize. This year the Jane Banfield Book Award went to Danielle Corredato, Danielle Prevedel and Rebecca Procter.

Right: Jillian Ollivierre (left) receives the Ellen Baar Award from Prof. Andrea Davis

The Business and Society Honours Award was conferred on Jessie Li. Rahma Kerim was the recipient of the Esiri Dafiewhare Annual Scholarship. The Criminology Honours Award was given to Maria-Antonietta Alfano. The Law and Society Prize was awarded to Anthony Kevins, while Christina DeLuca was the recipient of the Labour Studies Student Achievement Award. Jodi Kennedy was granted the Neil Reimer Award. The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Honours went to Fatimah Jackson, and Andrew Aziz received the International Development Studies Award.

In Health and Society, Valerie Outmezguine won the Health and Society Prize. The Health and Society Founders Book Prize was awarded for original projects to Naana Adu-Gyamfi, George Axiotis, Lindy Becker, Alexandra Courneya, Sheryl Hope, Valerie Outmezguine, Nina Rothenstein, Agata Stypka and Chana Weisbart.

In Communication Studies, Erich Koch was present to award Krista Simpson the Erich Koch Award. The Reva Orlicky Award for studies in radio was presented to Michelle Yeung. Nicole Capelo was the recipient of the Penny Joliffe Award.

The awards ceremony was followed by a reception in the Social Science Lounge so that faculty, staff, guests and students could congratulate the award winners.