French novelist Régis Jauffret to visit Glendon

French novelist Régis Jauffret (right) and Professor Aline Mura-Brunel of the Université de Pau, France, who are in Canada on a visit sponsored by the French consulate, will be the guest speakers at a conference at Glendon College. The conference will take place Thursday, Dec. 1 at 7pm in the Auditorium, located in York Hall on the Glendon campus.

At the Glendon conference, Mura-Brunel will discuss Jauffret’s writings within the framework of new esthetic trends in contemporary French literature. The author of a dozen novels, including Clémence Picot (1999), Fragments de la vie des gens (2001) and Promenade (2001). Jauffret was the winner of the winner of the 2003 Décembre prize for  Univers, Univers (2003), and the 2005 Prix Femina for Asiles de Fous (2005).

According to the French literacy and cultural online E-zine,, “Régis Jauffret is undoubtedly one of the best French authors writing today. […] Jauffret is to French literature what Chabrol is to film: an outstanding stylist and a fascinating storyteller. The proof is in Histoire d’amour (1997) and Promenade, as well as in Univers, univers. Jauffret’s syle is precise, elegant and cruel to an unparalleled degree. His writing is playful, robust and frequently affecting; it is work that is incisive, almost never weak or missing a beat.”

For further information on this event, contact Professor Sylvie Rosienski-Pellerin, director, Glendon graduate program in French Studies, by e-mail to