York’s blood donor clinic to benefit 1,000 patients

One thousand people will receive the gift of life, thanks to the enthusiastic response by York students to the Canadian Blood Services call for donors.

Right: Canadian Blood Services phlebotomist Debbie Seymour (left) chats with second-year arts student Ashleigh Lacquaniti

A blood donor clinic held last week in Central Square on the Keele campus drew an average of 60 students each day. They donated an impressive  300 units to the Canadian Blood Services over the course of the week-long campaign.

This Canadian Blood Services clinic will send blood to 58 hospitals in the GTA, where those suffering from cancer, trauma and other life-threatening conditions will benefit from the donations made by York students.

The desire to help someone in need was a common theme cited by York donors, as many hoped that their donation could save someone’s life. Rian Williams, a third-year science major and four-time donor, expressed his reason behind donating: “You never know when you’ll need blood. You’re helping out someone that might be you in the future.”

Students were also able to sign up for the Bone Marrow Registry, a database of donors available to patients worldwide in need of bone marrow. Only 30 per cent of people in the world who need a bone marrow transplant are able to find a match within their familes, making the Bone Marrow Registry a very important initiative. Once again, York students showed great support by agreeing to become a part of this life-saving program.

This enthusiasm was greatly appreciated by Canadian Blood Services Clinic supervisor Marlene Davidson, who said, “There was a very good response and the students were very supportive.” Canadian Blood Services phlebotomist Debbie Seymour also enjoyed working with York students. “They were awesome, and very eager to donate,” she said.

Because of the students’ strong response, the Canadian Blood Services clinic will return to York University in the new year, allowing York students another opportunity to give the gift of life to many more in need.

This article was written by Bethany Hansraj, a student assistant in Publications.