Colloquium on Global South resumes with panel discussion on prison

The University Consortium on the Global South continues its Colloquium on the Global South on Wednesday, 2:30 to 4:30pm, with a panel presentation titled “Prison, Prisoners, and Systems of Control”.

This is the fourth event of the colloquium this fall and features panellists Marcelo Domingues Roman, a professor of psychology at University of São Paulo, Brazil and contributor to radio Fique Vivo; Adam Hanieh, doctoral candidate in political science at York; Ryan James, graduate student in anthropology at York; and Melanie Newton, professor of history at the University of Toronto.

The panel discussion, which takes place in 305 York Lanes, will examine the role of detention and imprisonment within the global south and their function in maintaining systems of colonial and imperialist control. The panel will look at several case studies of political prisoners and criminal offenders as well as the resistance engaged in by prisoners, their families and their communities.

In Brazil, the treatment of criminal offenders is largely based on punitive segregation. In Haiti, prisons are being used to silence political opposition to the regime. Palestinian political prisoners are being detained by the Israeli military. Within the borders of the United States, anti-imperialists are controlled and imprisoned.

Future colloquia

  • Nov. 16 – Judy Rebick on diversity in the Canadian women’s movement
  • Nov. 23 – A panel on gender perspectives from the global south

About the Colloquium on the Global South

The Colloquium is an open space for debate and critical inquiry for students, faculty members, members of NGOs, social activists and policy-makers. Presented by the University Consortium on the Global South at York University, the events are free and do not require pre-registration. For more information visit the University Consortium on the Global South Web site or contact Elena Cirkovic at ext. 55237 or by e-mail at