University condemns racist material found on the Keele campus

York University has denounced a pamphlet that promotes racist views against the Jewish community. A number of pamphlets were found on the Keele campus, inserted into books at York’s Scott Library. Copies of this material were also discovered at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

“Our university is a place of higher learning where the free and open expression of opinions is encouraged and where diversity is an asset,” said York University’s Rob Tiffin, vice-president students, in a statement released on Friday. “This material does nothing to promote enlightened thinking and mutual understanding. Instead, it attempts to foster prejudice and animosity toward an identifiable community.”

The pamphlet, titled “Jewish Supremacism Unmasked”, appears to have links to US-based white supremacist organizations, and contains a list of Web sites for these groups. When the material was discovered, York Security Services immediately informed representatives from Hillel @ York, the campus Jewish student organization.

“We want to send a clear message to the person or persons who distributed this offensive material on our campus. They are not welcome here at York University. This type of harmful propaganda is contrary to fundamental Canadian values,” said Tiffin. York Security currently has no reason to believe that any member of the York community was involved in the pamphlet distribution campaign.

The matter is now being investigated by Toronto Police Services. York Security is cooperating fully with the police investigation.