York’s Centre for Refugee Studies to provide online venue for new working papers

The Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS) at York University is launching a new series of publications titled the CRS Working Paper Series. Each month CRS will feature an essay or article written by a student or a faculty, staff or community member associated with the centre. The working papers will then be featured online through the CRS Web site and a collection of selected papers will be published and released in conjunction with the CRS summer course on refugee issues.

The inaugural CRS Working Paper is titled “Globalization and the Refugee Crisis” by Professor Emeritus Anthony Richmond (right) of York’s Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts. In the paper, Richmond reviews aspects of globalization and its relation to migrant flows and refugee dilemmas. Richmond’s paper is available here.

York’s Centre for Refugee Studies welcomes submissions to the series on a number of themes related to refugee studies. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Gender, women, and children
  • Canada’s asylum policies and practices
  • Global asylum needs, national practices, and international burden-sharing
  • Long-term refugee segregation and integration
  • Return, reconstruction, and reintegration
  • Poverty as cause and consequence of displacement development, environment, conflict, and displacement
  • Sovereignty, civil conflict, and humanitarian intervention
  • Refugee NGOs and IGOs: challenges and dilemmas
  • Refugee and diasporic communities and their internal, intranational and transnational relationships
  • Peace implementation, return, reconciliation, reconstruction and reintegration
  • Globalization, development, environment, conflict and displacement
  • Ethics, human rights and public discourse
  • Vulnerability and agency
  • Emerging realities and potential futures

Members of the York community interested in publishing a paper on any of these themes are invited to submit an electronic version to the CRS Working Paper Series editor Pablo Bose, by e-mail to pbose@yorku.ca.

The deadline for the second CRS Working Paper (Nov. 2005) is Oct. 21. For more information, visit York’s Centre for Refugee Studies Web site.