YorkNet computer service changing Aug. 14-15

York’s Computer & Networking Services (CNS) will make changes to the YorkNet service Aug. 14-15 that will affect campus visitors and those living in residence.

cableAs it exists today,  YorkNet  is actually two services: one deals with network access in campus residence rooms and one deals with network access in public spaces such as classrooms using the red network jacks. On Aug. 14-15, CNS will officially split them into two separate services as follows:

  • ResNet, which will handle network access in campus residence rooms and apartments;
  • YorkNet, which will only control network access via the red/pink jacks located in classrooms and in other public locations at York.

Along with the change in names comes a number of changes to the way these two services operate.

YorkNet changes – Sunday Aug. 14

One of the biggest complaints about the YorkNet service is that it’s not easy to get connected, especially for short-term visitors to campus. To address these concerns and to give mobile computing users a more consistent experience, CNS will be changing the way people access the YorkNet service so that it looks and feels very similar to the York wireless network service called AirYork.

To use the new YorkNet service, people will simply connect their computer to one of the red jacks in public locations throughout the University, power on their computer and then open a Web browser. At that point they will be prompted to enter a Passport York username and password which will give them access to the network. Each time the user reconnects to the network, they will be prompted for their username and password.

CNS is also working on a Web-based system that will make it fairly easy for approved staff and faculty members to request temporary accounts for campus guests who want access to YorkNet or AirYork (more information about the temporary account request service will be available later in the fall). The changes to YorkNet will occur on Sunday, Aug. 14, between 10am and 4pm. During this period, the YorkNet service will be unavailable.

ResNet changes – Monday Aug. 15

Besides the change in name, the biggest change for campus residence network users will be the way IP addresses are allocated. The University has a limited supply of IP addresses that it can use in residence, and it can’t obtain more. This means that CNS must start limiting the number of IP addresses it allocates to each service subscriber.

Under the new service, subscribers will only be able to register one MAC address for network access and will only be assigned one IP address. Subscribers who have more than one computer will need to purchase a broadband router, also known as a cable/DSL router or home router. With one of these devices installed, subscribers will be able to connect several computers to the network simultaneously. Hubs and switches will no longer work on the ResNet service and the use of routers, switches or hubs anywhere else on the York network remains prohibited. Establishing wireless networks in residence by ResNet subscribers remains prohibited.

The changes to ResNet will take place on Monday, Aug. 15, between 10am and 4pm. All ResNet users will be required to re-register for the ResNet service using the online registration tool once the changes have been completed. More information will be made available to current ResNet users closer to Aug. 15.

Questions or concerns about these changes should be directed to the CNS Helpdesk in the Computing Commons, William Small Centre at ext. 55800 or to askit@yorku.ca.