Hockey coach encourages broader education

Vancouver Giant Gilbert Brule will, in all likelihood, be among the first four or five players picked by an National Hockey League team in Saturday’s National Hockey League draft in Ottawa, reported CanWest News Service in a sports story carried by newspapers across Canada July 26. If the hockey world somehow doesn’t work out for Brule, you can bet he’ll land on his feet in some other field. He took more high school credits last season than any player in the World Hockey League. “Sometimes I think you stultify yourself when you only concentrate on hockey,” said Toronto Maple Leafs coach Pat Quinn, who graduated with a BA in economics (not law, as CanWest reported) from York in 1972. “I’d be happy if every kid challenged themselves like Gilbert.”

On air

  • Biologist Bridget Stutchbury, of York’s Faculty of Science & Engineering, has discovered that both male and female wood thrushes cheat on their partners, reported CP24-TV news shows July 25 (see More News).