Workshop on memory and the African diaspora

A three-week workshop begins July 2 to explore themes relating to memory and the African diaspora, and the methods currently being developed to collect and analyze data. Called Memory and Methodology: Workshop on the African Diaspora, it is aimed at scholars and graduate students researching or writing about the African diaspora.

The workshop will feature sessions on information gathering, storage and analysis related to research of all parts of the African diaspora in the historical period of slavery and emancipation. Sessions will focus on the Underground Railroad to Canada, West Indian-Canadian links, ethnicity, the Caribbean, Brazil, the Maghreb and Islamic heartlands and the Indian Ocean, and other areas of the diaspora.

On July 4, Bogumil Jewsiewicki of Université Laval will give the keynote address on “Memory in the Study of Slavery and the African Diaspora.”

Organized by York’s Harriet Tubman Resource Centre on the African Diaspora, the workshop will take place in Founders College senior common room July 2 to 23. To register, contact