Glendon grad Cristina Raimondo receives the Murray Ross Award

Cristina Raimondo (BA Hons. ’05) is this year’s winner of the University-wide Murray G. Ross Award. Named after York University’s founding president, this award is presented annually to a graduating student of York University for scholarship and outstanding participation in undergraduate student life.

Right: Cristina Raimondo with the Murray G. Ross Award

Throughout her years at Glendon, she has been one of the most active, committed and enthusiastic participants in campus activities. She has been the artistic co-director of the Glendon Musical Ensemble for the past two years, demonstrating both her musical and organizational talents at numerous arts events, as well as recruitment and alumni programs. Last April, she mounted a one-woman, bilingual multimedia exhibition in the Distillery District, critiquing popular culture that glorifies violence. She is a dedicated community volunteer and an outstanding team worker. Her enthusiasm, cooperation and good-humoured participation are the hallmarks of her identity.

On April 14, Raimondo was one of three Glendon students to receive the Glendon Student Services Award for her outstanding contributions to student life. In his remarks during the Glendon award ceremony, Principal Kenneth McRoberts commented that Raimondo and her companions were “top academic achievers who also find time for pursuits which enrich every student’s life.”

In her nominating letter, Martine Rheault, Glendon director of cultural and artistic affairs, stated that, “Miss Raimondo shares with others the gifts of so many talents. I believe she represents the best of her generation. She has been an outstanding member of the Glendon community. We are very proud of her and her accomplishments. She is indeed an exceptional student with outstanding potential for a great future.”

Right: Raimondo (second from left) with her nominators, (left to right) Glendon English Dept. professors Ann Hutchison, Skip Shand and James Benson

Glendon student financial services manager Fiona Kay wrote of Raimondo’s outstanding academic achievement, which has earned her the Alumni Award of Distinction and a place on the Principal’s Honour Roll for four consecutive years. “The high quality of her academic work has garnered her considerable esteem among her peers and professors and demonstrates that Miss Raimondo is an astute, insightful and eloquent woman. Cristina’s leadership and participation in the university have not only enriched her education, but have also greatly benefited the lives of the entire student body at Glendon.”

Raimondo received the Murray Ross Award at the Glendon convocation ceremony on June 11. “It is an absolute honour to have been chosen as the recipient of an award in the name of York’s founding president, a man who gave so much to the University, and was, as [President and Vice Chancellor] Lorna R. Marsden once stated, ‘one of York’s greatest visionaries’,” said Raimondo. “Having all of my accomplishments recognized in this form is an achievement in itself, and I am delighted and very proud.”

Raimondo will continue her education in September with studies toward a masters in Communication and Culture. “As for the future, I would absolutely love to stay with the University,” says Raimondo. “I live by the saying ‘carpe diem’ – seize the day – I’ll take each day as it comes and make the most of it!”

This article was submitted to YFile by Marika Kemeny, Glendon communications officer.