Molson-Coors lacks ‘special’ appeal

Not only are the cheapies eating into Molson Coors Brewing company’s market, so too are the premium beers, as young men – by far the biggest consumers of beer in this country – opt for high-priced brews like Heineken and Sleeman when out partying, reported the Toronto Star April 29. “You’ve got a market that increasingly doesn’t want to wear a badge that says ‘mass.’ When you order a beer you wear a badge. You want to wear a badge that says ‘special, different’. . . especially, the 19-year-old wants to be special,” said Alan Middleton, marketing professor at York’s Schulich School of Business.

Vice-principal honoured for mentoring work

Luisa Busato, vice-principal at two Catholic high schools in Woodbridge, is one of 49 women in York Region to win a Diane Humeniuk Woman of the Year award for 2005, reported the Richmond Hill Liberal April 26. She won in the education category for professional development. Apart from being vice-principal, Busato is an adjunct professor in York’s Faculty of Education, a mentor for new teachers and the author of textbooks and curriculum projects.

Prof represents company battling Ottawa

A deal that saw a small Ontario company build 362 fire rescue trucks for the US Army could end up costing Canadians more than $100 million in damages and legal fees, reported the Toronto Star April 29. Two years ago, a Toronto trial judge ruled that bureaucrats at Canadian Commercial Corp., a Crown agency that brokered the deal, destroyed Amertek Inc. and defrauded the American government by withholding vital information about the $47 million contract. John McCamus, a professor at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, is one of the lawyers acting for Amertek.

On air

  • Bernie Wolf, an economics professor at York’s Schulich School of Business, evaluated the impact on Canada’s business community of Prime Minister Paul Martin’s deal with the federal NDP to tweak corporate tax cuts to get support for his upcoming budget, on CBC Radio’s “Ontario Today” April 28.