Grad conference in education will confront pressing issues

The Third Annual Grad Conference in Education will take place at York’s Keele campus on Saturday, March 12, from 9am to 7pm. This year’s theme, “Theorizing education, educating theory: Transforming praxes”, gathers new and emerging scholars together with established faculty to collaborate on ideas around the role that education might play in the world today. This conference attempts to specifically engage, theoretically and practically, the possibilities for education (both institutionally and in other less-known sites of education) in intervening in some of the most difficult human struggles of our time.

Jointly sponsored by York’s Faculty of Education and the Canadian Society for Study in Education (CSSE), the conference hosts a number of topical panels. Professor Carl James from York’s Faculty of Education will chair an open forum discussing the recent and local issue of black focus schools in Toronto.

Professor Rebecca Luce-Kapler from Queen’s University will speak directly to the conference theme in her keynote address, titled “Responsive research: The art of the bricoleur”. Luce-Kapler will discuss the relation between the arts and ethical responsiveness in education.

The conference aims to provoke participants into action and into considering how one’s intellectual and pedagogic engagement might bring about an education for social justice and change. To register and for more information on the conference, visit the Grad Conference Web site.