Examining the democracy and ideology of empire

Author and scholar Ellen Meiksins Wood will give a public lecture at York University tonight at 7:30pm in the Moot Court, Osgoode Hall Law School, Keele campus. Wood’s lecture, titled “From Alexander the Great to George W. Bush: Democracy and the Ideology of Empire”, is a special presentation by the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Arts, and the Graduate Program in Political Science. 

Wood is professor emerita of political science at Glendon College and the Graduate Programs in Political Science and Social & Political Thought. Wood is the author of numerous books including The Retreat from Class (1986), winner of the Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize; The Origin of Capitalism (1999); The Pristine Culture of Capitalism (1991); and Democracy Against Capitalism (1995). She is the co-author with Neal Wood of A Trumpet of Sedition (1997); and co-editor of In Defence of History (1997); and Rising from the Ashes?: Labor in the Age of “Global” Capitalism (1999).

There will be a reception following the lecture. For more information call ext. 55265.