York says no to violent protest, condemns disruption of classes

York University issued the following statement yesterday:

Following a demonstration on York University campus, the University has confirmed that Toronto police have arrested five protesters. A group of approximately 30 anti-Bush demonstrators congregated in Vari Hall, an area where protests are prohibited due to proximity to classrooms. For approximately 40 minutes the group carried on aggressively and disruptively. Consistent with York’s policy of non-disruption of classes, the protesters were asked repeatedly by York security to cease these activities. They refused and classes had to be cancelled. Toronto police were then brought in to address the situation. The police peacefully and repeatedly asked the protesters to leave but some of the protesters became violent and at least one officer was assaulted.

York University condemns the use of violence to further political objectives and reaffirms its commitment to the Canadian values of tolerance and respect for others.