Schulich professor receives AMA marketing award

Preet Aulakh, a business professor in York’s Schulich School of Business, has been named the winner of an American Marketing Association (AMA) award for research that has left a lasting impact in the field of international marketing.

Right: Preet Aulakh

Aulakh, holder of the Pierre Lassonde Chair in International Business at Schulich, is the first recipient of the newly established Hans B. Thorelli Award, created by the AMA to honour an academic or academics whose research has made “the most significant contribution to international marketing theory or practice” over a five-year period.

“I feel honoured to receive this award. As an academic, it is always very gratifying to find out that one’s research has contributed towards shaping the research focus in the field of international marketing,” said Aulakh.

He received the award for a seminal research paper he published together with Masaaki Kotabe, holder of the Washburn Chair of International Business and Marketing at the Fox School of Business & Management, Temple University, Pennsylvania.

The paper, titled “An Assessment of Theoretical and Methodological Development in International Marketing: 1980-1990”, was published in the Journal of International Marketing in June 1993. The paper examined the state of the art in international marketing research during the 1980s. The research paper identified several new areas in international marketing that needed further research and provided theoretical approaches and methodological strategies to examine emerging areas.

Aulakh and Kotabe will receive the award at an AMA conference to be held in San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 11-14.

“We are honoured that a member of Schulich’s faculty has been recognized with this prestigious international honour,” said Schulich Dean Dezsö J. Horváth. “The award adds to our school’s growing reputation for academic excellence in the field of international business.”