Theatre Glendon presents Twine’d

Twine’d is an exploration of memory, reality and the space that lies between the two. Canadian playwright Gillian Muir examines a series of questions in her newest work, including: Where does one begin to hinder the other? How does the truth find its way out in the end? The play revolves around the unsolved murder of a friend 10 years ago, which prompts two girls, now in their 20s, to look within themselves for the answers to their questions about the murder.

Under the direction of third-year drama studies student Jen Calder, the play takes its characters back into their own memories to try and uncover what really happened the night of the murder. The results are unexpected.

Twine’d hosts one of the most complicated sets ever constructed by Theatre Glendon. The production boasts fantastic lighting as well as a brilliant sound scape. This Theatre Glendon production is sure to transport the audience into the life of the play as they participate in the journey taken by the lead characters toward truth.

The production will preview on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 8pm, with performances from Jan. 20 to 22, at 8pm. Theatre Glendon is located at 2275 Bayview Avenue, at Lawrence. For more information and to reserve tickets, call 416-487-6822 or visit the Theatre Glendon Web site. The show will be presented in English. Admission is pay what you can and seating is limited.