‘The University has a duty and a responsibility for financial oversight’

York University issued the following statement yesterday:

York University today received a delegation of executive members of the Glendon College Student Union (GCSU) who formally delivered notice of a lawsuit brought against the University by the GCSU. The University is reviewing the claim and will respond appropriately.

The claim arises out of an insistence by the University that there be financial oversight with respect to funds received by the GCSU. The University has a duty and a responsibility for financial oversight of all monies that it collects from students for student organizations. The University took action following receipt of a petition signed by over 200 Glendon students, alleging financial impropriety and conflict of interest on the part of the GCSU executive. The University had made repeated requests for financial information from the GCSU, which were not complied with, raising further concerns.

The University is arranging for an independent audit of the books and records of the association which, it is hoped, will determine whether the specific complaints raised by Glendon students are substantiated. In the meantime, the GCSU has agreed to the additional financial oversight requested by the University, specifically the requirement of a signing officer from the University. The University has made arrangements to work with the GCSU executive to ensure that services to Glendon students continue to be provided.