Career Centre embarks on strategic planning process

Recent years have seen exciting changes in the way that York University’s Career Centre operates and from the enthusiasm displayed by both the centre’s staff and client base, these changes have been very well received. Even better developments are on the horizon – the Career Centre recently began a strategic planning process to revisit its mission and vision, and to define goals and objectives for the coming three to five years. The centre needs some feedback from the York community to help with this process.

robbins“We’ve reached a critical point in our development,” said Donna Robbins (right), director of the Career Centre. Robbins cites some of the recent advances in the Career Centre’s service and information delivery, including development of the drop-in career advising service and the growth and development of Internet-based services such as the award-winning Career Cyberguide. “There are many opportunities for future projects and initiatives. The focus of our strategic planning process is to involve the community to assist us in making decisions about how best to use our resources and energies,” said Robbins.

As part of the information-gathering stage of the strategic planning process, the Career Centre is now conducting focus group studies with students, faculty members, student delivery staff and employers. “We want to emphasize that we want everyone to have an opportunity to contribute,” said Robbins. Recent comments from their strategic planning working group confirmed that feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders is crucial to the strategic plan’s success.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the York community to inform our process,” said Julie Rahmer, manager of communications and Web services. Individuals wishing to give feedback, information or ideas should contact Julie at ext. 40796 or e-mail “With your help we can create an amazing vision for the Career Centre at York,” said Rahmer

For more information about the centre’s strategic planning process, visit the Career Centre‘s Strategic Planning Web site.