While the city tinkers once again with incineration, Now magazine offered a sampling Nov. 25 of Toronto’s eco inspirations that show the city doesn’t have to be at the mercy of monster pollution solutions. York University’s co-generation facility was one of eight, cited as proof that energy efficiency can be achieved on a large scale. York’s co-gen facility, fired up in 1998, is among the first – the city only recently fired up its first – and largest of its kind anywhere in the GTA. Exhaust from a gas-fuelled turbine preheats water producing steam which provides heat, cooling and light to more than 30 per cent of the campus (the second-largest physical plant in the city), saving the University millions.

On air

  • Orest Subtelny, history and political science professor with York’s Faculty of Arts, discussed mounting unrest in the Ukraine as Ukrainians protested the result of the presidential election last week, on CBC Newsworld’s “CBC News: Morning” Nov. 25.