A frightful tale of a haunted house

A few eves before Halloween, ghoulies and ghosties corralled by York Is U spooked visitors who dared to venture into a “haunted house” in the Student Centre.

Right: These ghoulies haunted York Is U’s second annual Halloween celebrations

During the four hours that it was open, more than 400 students lined up for a chance to wander through its twisting maze and glimpse Batman (alias Jeremy Greenberg) and other ankle-grabbing, cackling, whooshing beasties in the dark. “They really got into the spirit of things,” said Batman, aka Jeremy Greenberg, coordinator of student alumni programs at York. “Students really got scared.”

This is the second year York Is U has entered the spirit of Halloween. Coordinator Alice Cioroian said that last year the haunted house occupied York’s underground tunnels. This year the student group featured the haunted house during the day and threw a Halloween Bash that night so popular they had to turn costumed celebrants away at the capacity-filled Underground.

Left: The Halloween Bash at the Underground was so popular this year, students were turned away at the door

Second-year fine arts student Daniel Chan went through the maze three times and kept coming back “to take other people through.” His thrill-seeking companions were duly scared. “I tried to hold them back; they were pushing me forward,” he said. Danielle Nomura, a second-year psychology student, went through the maze with Chan. “I liked the final part when the person’s hand grabbed my leg,” she said.

Right: Everybody got into the spirit of Halloween

Preschoolers from Lee Wiggins Day Childcare Centre clung to their guides as they wandered through the haunted house on a special field trip, Greenberg reported. The ghoulies restrained themselves for the sake of the tikes.