Take your Grade 9er to work on Nov. 3

York University’s official “Take Our Kids To Work Day” is on Wednesday, Nov. 3. Members of the York community with children in Grade 9 are encouraged to bring them to work.

It’s a chance for children to become familiar with the working environment of their parents and for us to show off York for future consideration as their university of choice, suggests Gary Brewer, vice-president finance & administration. In addition to the basic program of “shadowing” their parents at work, York has organized an orientation and campus tour in the morning and a pizza lunch at Atkinson cafeteria.

Admissions/Liaison orientation and campus tour
10:30am-noon, Presentation Room, N102, Student Services Centre

This is offered to the first 50 students who sign up, so come early. Representatives from the Admission/Liaison Office will discuss the kind of work that is done in the admission liaison area and will briefly talk about university study and York’s programs. At 11am, they will conduct a tour of different buildings and activities on campus. The tour will end at Atkinson cafeteria for lunch. Parents are expected to drop off their children for this 90-minute orientation and tour and then join them again for lunch at noon.

Pizza lunch
Noon, Atkinson cafeteria, 024 Atkinson

The Office of the Vice-President Finance & Administration is sponsoring a free lunch of pizza, salad and soft drinks for both students and parents for the first 100 people to sign up. This will give the Grade 9 students and their parents a chance to network. There will be monitors supervising the kids during the lunch period. However, parents are expected to join their children for this lunch at noon.

Please note:

  • Each parent is responsible for coordinating arrangements to get his/her child to and from activities. Children are not to tour or roam between activities without adult supervision.
  • No child will be permitted to leave the lunch area until his/her parent (or adult designate) comes to get him/her.
  • These activities are available to all employee groups and the children they are sponsoring on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All employees bringing children to Take Our Kids to Work Day are reminded that the safety rules of the workplace will apply to the children and, accordingly, each child should be instructed by the respective parent or adult.

There are some areas of the University such as workshops and scientific labs where operational risk factors may make it problematic to accommodate a Grade 9 student “shadow” in the workplace. If you work in this type of environment and are uncertain, please consult the dean, executive officer or senior manager in your Faculty or department. The University will try to find alternative supervised York placements for the children of employees in such areas. To make such arrangements, contact Joyce Pereira in the Office of the Vice-President Finance & Administration at ext. 88701.

To register for activities:

If you would like your child to participate in any of the activities above on Nov. 3, complete a registration form and send it by Oct. 29 to Marian Hissa, Department of Human Resources & Employee Relations, Suite A, EOB or e-mail hissam@yorku.ca. If you haven’t already received the necessary registration and permission forms by e-mail, contact Hissa at ext. 22246 and she will forward them to you.

This program was implemented by The Learning Partnership in 1994. Its mission is to nurture the partnership among schools, businesses and communities devoted to strengthening our publicly funded school systems; to encourage caring adults to share their ideas, talents, and resources with students; and to create learning opportunities that young people will find challenging and exciting.