Fulbright Scholar to teach information assurance at York

Raghavendra Rao, a professor at State University of New York in Buffalo, is a recognized expert in management information systems, decision support systems, economics of information systems, and information assurance and security.

Rao has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship through the Canada-US Fulbright Program to teach at York. His ability and academic expertise have been recognized in several honours, including the University Lily Teaching Innovation Award from State University of New York and several prestigious grants from the National Science Foundation, the US Department of Defense and the National Security Agency. He has served as the co-editor of the journal Information Systems Frontier and as associate editor of several journals, including Decision Support Systems and Information Systems Research.

As a Canada-US Fulbright Scholar, Rao will take up residence at the York Centre for International and Security Studies at York University. He will conduct research and will lecture on information assurance. Through his teaching, Rao aims to familiarize students with the technical, legal, socio-political and managerial issues of information assurance.

The Canada-US Fulbright Program offers Canadian and American academics the opportunity to lecture, research and study in each other’s country. Fulbright award recipients are distinguished scholars in a wide variety of disciplines at various stages in their academic careers and include prominent and promising scholars, graduate students and prospective graduate students, doctoral candidates and independent researchers.

For further information on the Canada-US Fulbright Program visit www.fulbright.ca.