A ride home in an emergency

Commuters interested in carpooling to York University now have some added “insurance” in case of an emergency. York University and the Smart Commute Association of Black Creek (SC-BC) have partnered to provide an innovative solution to emergency woes, it is called the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program.

The ERH assists commuters who regularly vanpool, carpool, bike, walk, or take transit to York, with up to four reimbursements per year, of up to $40 each time, for rides home via a taxi or rental car when an emergency arises. Commuters can download the instructions from the Smart Commute Web site or call ext. 70690 for more information about how to register for the ERH program.

As a not-for-profit organization, the SC-BC’s mission is to reduce traffic congestion, smog and their related costs to the environment, economy and community.