York admissions remain strong in competitive market

York is very pleased with its strong admissions data recently released by the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC). The results reflect the strength of the applicant pool, in terms of both quality and quantity, that York had built up during the earlier part of the year, said Vice-President Academic Sheila Embleton.

The results are in line with historical levels and represent a great achievement in the much more competitive market that followed the initial double-cohort class of high-school graduates. In addition, York has been able to maintain its level of applicants without reducing admission standards.

“This is a very strong position for York to be in,” said Embleton. “Given that the 101 numbers reflect Ontario school-leavers only, we are confident that we will achieve our final numbers through the further addition of high-quality 101s, 105s [non-Ontario school-leavers and later entry students] and international students who traditionally register in the summer period. The OUAC numbers do not capture all applicants in the latter categories because many apply to York directly. We are also confident that we will be able to attract these students without lowering our academic standards.”