York co-op daycare announces winners of raffle


Above: Colleen Heffernan-Coxhead (left) with employees Jesse House (third from right) and Len Macdonald (far right), of Kenaidan Contracting Ltd., the firm that handled renovations to the daycare playground last year

The York University Co-operative Daycare Centre, a non-profit organization that has served the University community for 36 years, recently held a raffle and sold nearly 4,000 tickets. Raffle organizers said the event was a tremendous success, resulting in enough money for $4,000 worth of toys and small equipment for the centre.

Those who work in the daycare say it is a constant challenge for them to find the resources needed to maintain the environment that York’s young children need. One way they raise money is through the annual raffle, which has been running for a decade.

Here is the list of raffle winners:

  • Lina di Rienzo – #1306 ($1,000)
  • Sunhee Cho – # 3413 ($700)
  • Keith Gonzales – #1242 ($300)
  • Ana Shuttin – #2331 (patio beverage set)
  • Xianghui Chen – #3178 (patio beverage set)
  • Summer Sills – #1761 (York Bookstore certificate)
  • Joanne Cohen – #1262 (two Art Gallery of Ontario passes)
  • Marilena Rilli – #1483 (two movie passes)
  • Linguei Hu – #1701 (two movie passes)
  • Teressa Bhagat – #1313 (two movie passes)
  • Joel Bishop – #0903 (bottle of wine)
  • Mike Reid– # 2583 (bottle of wine)

About York’s cooperative daycare centre

Nurturing the people who will be our future, by providing a safe and quality environment, is what the York University Co-operative Daycare Centre is all about, according to Judy Meikle, who has been the daycare director for 18 years the centre.

Meikle, assistant Colleen Heffernan-Coxhead and a staff of 21 employees are incredibly loyal and nurturing; the majority of them have cared for the children of York’s students, faculty and staff for 15 to 25 years.

The daycare is licensed for 119 patrons ranging from infants up to 10-year-olds. Many of the children who were in the daycare centre have grown up, gained a degree from York and gone on to highly successful careers.