Glendon’s drama department to benefit from innovative partnership

The Office of Student Services at Glendon College, under the direction of Associate Principal Louise Lewin, has formed a partnership with professional theatre company La Tangente. The partnership will result in the official theatre company-in-residence on the Glendon campus.

Created in 1994 under the name Les Klektiks, the company became Le Théâtre La Tangente in October l999. The company is directed by Claude Guilmain and Louise Naubert.

A ceremony for the official signature of the partnership agreement will take place May 27 at 7:45pm, in Theatre Glendon. Principal Kenneth McRoberts, artistic director Claude Guilmain, members of the company, distinguished guests and members of the Canadian Association of Francophone Theatres (Association des théâtres francophones du Canada – ATFC) will attend the signing.

Left: Claude Guilmain

The purpose of the partnership is to establish an official collaboration that is binding and mutually beneficial for both Student Services at Glendon College and the Théâtre La Tangente. The initial length of the agreement is three years. While providing a place of residence for the company, this collaboration will create exchange opportunities for the drama department and for Glendon College’s office of artistic and cultural affairs.

The signature of the agreement will be followed at 8pm by an experimental reading of Claude Guilmain’s play in progress titled “Requiem pour un trompettiste”. The reading will take place as part of the AFCT’s Chantiers-théâtre 2004 festival.